SEO Product Listing Guide
SEO Product Listing Guide

SEO Product Listing Guide

Product listing is one of the most effective SEO strategies to increase SEO traffic, sales, overall growth, and many other factors. Google loves product listing sites because it lists a plethora of products for people to find. It seems simple enough, but there are various factors that you need to take into account when creating a product listing site.

Product listings are an integral part of the success of any Ecommerce business. Customers will always be looking for a chance to purchase based on the best value that they can get. To ensure that customers are able to search and filter out products, this article will provide information on some of the things that you should consider when preparing your product listing materials like features, descriptions, and categories.

Product Title | How to Write Product Titles?

  1. Title Length should range from 50 to 60 Characters.
  2. Use Brand Name in starting for listing on a multivendor website.
  3. Product Name and then its quantity, Color, or Size.
  4. If till now it’s less than 50 characters, use some special features of the product which are attractive.

Brand Name (for multivendor websites only)+ Product Name + Quantity/Color/Size + Special Feature

(Length Must be from 50 to 60 Characters Only, Strip off the last parts if it’s longer than 60 Characters)


Product Tags/Keywords | Choose Keywords Wisely.

  1. Do Keyword Research for that particular Product.
  2. Don’t Use very Short Keywords
  3. Choose those keywords which contain the maximum words that are used in the Title.
  4. Add the Best 5 to 8 Keywords or Tags.

Product Description | What to Write?

  1. Special Features
  2. Ingredients
  3. Uses & Benefits
  4. How to Use
  5. Colors & Sizes
  6. Manufacturer
  7. Country of Origin (Mandatory)
  8. Other Details
  9. Ensure that your content contains the words you used in your Product Title, Tags & Keywords.
  10. Don’t mention any personal details like website URL, Phone Number or Email ID.

Product Images | Best Image Practices?

  1. Use Optimized & Compressed Images only in .jpg format of Dimensions (L:B :: 1200px : 1200px).
  2. Rename the Images as per the Product Title you just made above with -1,-2,-3 … for gallery images.
  3. Use the Main Image as a Featured Image and others as Gallery Images.
  4. Make sure the image doesn’t contain any personal contact information like email id, phone number, website, etc.

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